Friday, September 23, 2005

Two FO's

I finished the baby set! It was done by Tuesday evening. I decided to go ahead and see how far I would get with the yarn I had left, thinking I'd have to purchase another ball just for the button band. I have about 2 meters of yarn left over. For me, that's cutting it close. Very close.

I'm pleased with how it turned out. Then, yesterday, I dug out some old Paton's Look At Me from my stash and made this...

I love it! It's a very simple little hat to make up and if you ask nicely, I'll even type up the pattern for you.

Incidentally, the baby sweater set is from Sirdar's Early Arrivals 2. That book, and the first Early Arrivals book, are my two favourite baby books. There are some gorgeous patterns in these books and they include preemie sizes down to about a 5 lb baby. Definitely one of my recommendations!

The toe-up socks are on the backburner for the moment. We're anticipating a call from my daughter at any time and I've been preparing for our iminent trip to the coast. Today is her due date and everyone at my job is ready to jump in when I get the call (covering my hours). My daughter did have a few minor contractions on Tuesday, but things got quiet again that evening. I think her body's just practicing for the real thing. When we do leave, there will be socks and sock yarn in my knitting bag and it's definitely coming with us!

By the way, Stricken Madchen, on the subject of toe-up socks... what's your favourite heel? I've got the toe part figured out, but I"m not sure about the heel yet.


  1. What cute baby knits! That's amazing that you managed to finish and have that little of yarn left. Wow.
    My favorite heels are short-row heels now. I like how they look and they are so easy. I just learned how to do short-rows without the wraps. (something others have probably known for ages). I love how those look.

  2. Asking on bended knee if I could pretty please have the cute hat pattern!?!?!? btw you do know there is a yarn shop in Abbotsford don't you? Owned by the same Debbie who has one in Chilliwack. Be sure to take pics of the new little one....