Friday, November 18, 2011

The Brown Blob is No More

I’m home today, with a sore back, upset tummy and a migraine. Not fun. I am determined, though, not to let it stop me from doing at least a few things.

Earlier this week, I finished knitting all the pieces of the Quonset cardigan (there are only three). This morning, I threw all the pieces into a tub of hot water with a bit of Eucalan. After half an hour or so, the pieces were drained, squeezed out, towel-squished and pinned out onto a quilt laid over my bed.


Once it’s dry (which will be before tonight, I hope!), I’ll sew it all together and crochet a row of single crochet along the back of the neck. It will help keep it from stretching out too much; that’s the cast on edge. I should have it all put together some time this weekend. When I do, I’ll be sure to get pictures.

In the meantime, I’m watching it snow here. We have a snowfall warning in effect, with amounts up to 4” predicted (10 cm).

Now, though, I think it’s time for a nice cup of tea, a comfy chair, a Magic Bag at my lower back, my audiobook (A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin), and my knitting (a pair of socks for John).

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

And Now, Something Different

Have you discovered Pinterest yet? Talk about a time drain! Basically, it’s a place where you can “pin” pictures to your own boards, which you can organize and name. You can also explore other people’s boards, repin, like and comment on their pins.

Last weekend, I was exploring there and came across a really cute idea, one that, because I work in a print shop, I could implement.

Now, I’m a grandmom. You all know that, right? I have seven grandkids and if I had all the pictures on my walls that I want on my walls, there would be very little bare wall space.

Check this out…

It’s a mini polaroid fridge magnet! How cool is that? And, with the right software, they’re really simple to make!

Basically, I made a box for a photo that measured 1x1”. Around it, I made another box that would give a border around the photo to represent the edges of a polaroid picture. Very simplistically, I made the outer edge look like it had some texture (an inner bevel), with a gray border around the picture itself. After printing my work of art on sticker paper, I mounted it on a magnetic sheet. To help protect it, I covered the front with clear packing tape, then cut out each of the magnets.

The result?

As I said, the idea is not original. The picture I saw on Pinterest led to this website and the tutorial. I did mine somewhat differently than she did and I’m quite happy with the result.

I can see myself doing this more often, with favourite “kid” pictures. They take no wall space and fridge magnets always come in handy!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Brown Blob

It’s growing! And not looking half bad, if I might be so bold as to say. It’s been a while since I’ve knitted with yarn this heavy. I much prefer knitting with finer yarns, but I must admit the knitting goes much more quickly with a heavier yarn.

As of yesterday, the body and sleeves of the sweater are finished (they’re knit in one piece) and I’ve started one of the front pieces.

And, just to show detail…

That’s at the very back, bottom of the sweater. The same “fagotting” (yes, that’s what it’s called… no snickering!) is down the center of the front panels, with increases along either side (the holes along the right and left). It’s a nice-looking way of increasing.

Already, I can tell that I will have to reinforce the neck edge somewhat. That’s the cast on edge and it’s quite stretchy. The pattern suggests using a single crochet along the neck edge, but I think I’ll use a crab stitch instead (basically, a backwards single crochet; it’s just a little prettier).

Hmm… I’ve just been studying the pattern schematic. I may have that front piece in the wrong place. Good thing it isn’t sewn in yet. I’ll keep you informed.