Saturday, September 24, 2005

Another Baby FO

An apple from the Okanagan... it doesn't get any more B.C. than that.

One of the girls at work saw me knitting this little apple cap and offered me an "apple crate" to package it in. I love it! Can't wait to see it on the baby. Apparently, she used to knit these caps up and used the crates to display the hats. She even had crate labels made up. Just like the old fashioned, real apple crates.

I think today is my chance to go shopping for the baby. For the last few babies I've given gifts to (including Trinity), I've bought Robeez, beautiful little leather/suede slippers that babies can't kick off. I want to get a pair for this baby, too. They're a great product and the fact that they're Canadian made is even better. I've also promised my daughter that I'd help stock her up on diapers. I can do that today or I can wait till we're in Abbotsford. I haven't decided that yet. I suppose the less we need to drag out to the coast, the better. They DO have shops in Abbotsford, too.


  1. That crate is just perfect! Are they easy for you to get too?

  2. How cute is that?!!! Great idea for a gift! or for display!