Sunday, September 04, 2005

One more FO

It feels like it's been a long time since I had a finished object. I said, feels like. I finished Jeane's socks yesterday and I love them. John loves them. He calls them the Raspberry socks. They'll be going into the mail and heading to Utah just as soon as the post office opens again on Tuesday morning (unless the card shop is open today and I can get a priority post envelope). I love the thought that there will be a little piece of me in Utah and that I have a little piece of Jeane here in Canada. Silly, I know, but I love stuff like that.

The stitch pattern isn't very clear on this picture, unfortunately. It's from one of the Barbara Walker treasuries. Best resource I've ever purchased!

Now, as my roommate reiterated, I need to concentrate on knitting for the baby. I've already started a 0-6 month size baby sweater from Sirdar's Early Arrivals 2. As of last night, when it got too dark to comfortably knit without a light over my shoulder, I had 4" already done. The body of this little sweater is all knit in one piece, so there's a little less seaming at the end... always a good thing. That's the part I dislike the most. I'll post a picture of it later, but right now there's not a lot to see, really, just a band of variegated pink eyelets and a 3.5" band of white stocking stitch. I love the yarn I'm working with; it's Laine du Nord's Baby Cover and Baby Cover Stampata, pure washable wool, very nice to work with.

Said baby is due on September 23, just a couple of weeks away now. We've been discussing my going there after the birth. That's a given. What's uncertain is how I'll get there. If the gas prices keep doing what they're doing (it was $1.18/litre this weekend, with rumours of $1.25/litre), it will cost way too much to take the car. I'm going to have to check into bus ticket prices. The only problem with that is that ticket prices are cheaper when you book in advance, but babies rarely tell you in advance when they're going to put in their appearance, so I'd be purchasing the ticket at the last moment. Once I'm there, I'd be staying with my parents and I'd be free to use their car. According to my mom, there is NO room at my daughters' apartment and with a new baby, I'm sure I wouldn't be getting a lot of sleep anyway.

Autumn is definitely in the air here... it's a perfect day for knitting. Enjoy your long weekend, everyone!

P.S. While I think about it, I didn't post a picture of the TentaƧao hat. Here's a picture of it.


  1. The socks look great Ev, you swap partner will be thrilled with them. Was it the Trekking yarn that you ended up using?

    Sounds like we timed our Okanagan visit well with the temps cooler now. Fall is in the air here on Vancouver Island too. Summer went SO quickly! :(

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  4. I love that hat! The yarn texture is great, and Jeannie's socks are soo pretty. I know she'll love them.