Sunday, September 25, 2005

Side note

When we're in Abbotsford, I have every intention of checking out Woolaroo (that's the name of the store, Sandra). Last time we were there, we went to the store but it was closed. They're closed on Mondays. Why, I don't know, but they are. The one thing I could see by looking in through the door is that she also carries needlework supplies, not just yarn like Art of Yarn does.

If we have a chance, I'd also like to visit one or two stores in Vancouver. I'll have to ask Sally which ones I should visit and where exactly they are.

Still no news on the baby front. Since the couple of contractions earlier this week, there's been no more action. She's convinced the baby will be born on Wednesday, John's birthday. That would be nice.

Oh, Michelle? The little apple crates you asked about were made by the husband of the co-worker who gave it to me. Cathy used to make those little hats and sold them in the little crates. Anything she needs made in the way of woodwork, he makes for her. If you're looking for something like that, check with Micael's or any larger craft store. They may have something similar in their wood section.

Ok, back to knitting. I'm trying to get a pair of socks done for my brother-in-law. If I can't get them done, at least I'll be close to having them done. For the first time, I'm working on both socks, alternating between the two. I know, if I did two socks on two circs, I wouldn't have to alternate, but I don't like working with an octopus and that's what it feels like to me, having those needle ends flopping around all over the place. I like my dpns!


  1. psst! I prefer my dpns too. I only do 2s on 2c's to avoid the dreaded sss. I have taken these socks off the circs because I messed up a lace row and had to tink back a bit. Can't do that to only one when working 2s on 2c. They will be finished on dpns - the heck with it! :)

  2. Its ok..I just sent the pattern to myself via email and printed it from there!!!! There are some great and expensive yarn shops at the coast!!!