Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Experiment Completed

I finished the Opal cotton sock. And frogged it. I tried the sock on, walked around the house with it on for a little bit and decided I didn't like the German Band/Strap heel. All that's left of the sock now are the pictures and a ball of yarn.

I think if the heel strap was a little wider, it might be a little more comfortable. I also found that the heel flap (20 rows before working the heel "strap") was a little too short for me. I wonder if one couldn't do a combination of heels. Widen the heel "strap", make the heel flap longer and then, instead of just picking up enough stitches to bring the count back up to the original stitch count, pick up as many as needed and do a smaller gusset on each side. Did that make sense???

Here you can see what I mean about the heel "strap". See how it's just a small strip? I could feel that as I walked. That's the reason I frogged it. I guess I'll stick with the standard heel that I usually use.

Incidentally, the string you see at the toe of the sock is just a piece of waste yarn used to hold the toe together while I tried it on. I didn't graft the toe as it was just an experiment. Had I been happy with the heel, I would have broken the yarn and grafted the toe closed.

I wonder what else I could do with the heel flap... hmmmmmmm.

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  1. I'm working on my second sock, same colorway too.. Didn't think to try thr first one on and walk around, I better since I'm about to work on the heelp flap now... Ekkkks! I really do like the yarn so far!!