Saturday, October 20, 2012

Could We Get Back To Normal Now, Please?

To say that life has been interesting for the past month is something of an understatement. I only wish it had been interesting in a good way. Now, don’t get me wrong; I’m not whining or complaining but I am shaking my head, wondering what the universe is trying to tell me.

Let me preface this post by saying that, as far as my heart and blood pressure goes, I’m doing well. I’m being very good about taking my meds every day and I’m feeling good. Now, let’s move on.

Work has been going pretty well; we’ve been fairly busy and I’ve been told numerous times I’m not to end up in the hospital again, thank you very much. Then this past week happened.

On Sunday evening I had casually mentioned to John that I just wasn’t ready for Monday; I still had far to much to do around the house; he suggested I call in sick. Um.. no. So, on Monday morning, I went to work at my usual time. At one point, I went to use the washroom and, while in there, noticed that the shelf above my head was coming away from the wall a little more than it had been the previous week.

That’s when I made what turned out to be a mistake. I pushed the shelf back to the wall, studying it for a moment, then letting it go. Well, the clatter of everything falling off that shelf had the ladies I work with running to the washroom with cries of “Are you okay?”. I wasn’t.

I unlocked the door and they were greeted by a scene of me trying to hold the shelf in place, Windex pooled around my feet, a can of Comet (bathroom cleanser) sprinkled over the Windex, a large Pyrex measuring cup in shards on the floor and blood streaming down my back.

One of the ladies drove me to the nearest walk-in clinic, where I was examined (no stitches required, thankfully), given a tetanus booster shot (those things hurt after a day or two!) and told to go home, have a warm shower, and rest. The doctor also let me know that by the next morning, I’d probably have a stiff/sore neck because an injury of that kind actually produces a mild whiplash. She was right. I ended up with two extra days off.

It all makes me wonder what’s going to happen next!

Ah well, life does go on. In other things, I HAVE been doing some knitting. There is a new addition to our family and my sister’s first grandchild, a little girl, will be receiving a gift once I’ve got it finished. Now that life has, hopefully, settled down a bit and our company is gone, perhaps I can concentrate on knitting again.

There has even been a finished object. I came across a neat little project through one of the groups I’m in on Ravelry and just could not resist casting on.

This is Frankie Brown’s Zippy Strip, a cute little coin purse. It takes a small amount of scrap yarn, fingering weight, and a couple hours of knitting time. Cute, right?

And this is the Zippy Strip, unzipped. It is a 22” strip of knitting hand stitched to a zipper, then lined with bias tape. It is simple and genius!

Best of all? When I show it to people and tell them to zip it, I absolutely love the looks on their faces when they realize just what’s happening! More of these will be coming; I think they’ll make great little gifts.

And now? Back to normal, whatever normal is. Enjoy your weekend, everyone!