Saturday, December 17, 2005

Titles are Difficult

This morning, even the writing doesn't come easy for some reason. So I'll resort to more pictures.

The Opal Rodeo sock, pretty much complete. Notice the pattern repeat? I'm leaving the heel until the second sock is finished. Incidentally, the colours in this picture are the most accurate. The pink bands in the sock are more of a coral than pink. That's good because I don't do pink.

The opening for the heel. I may try to match the heels, which is why I won't be working it just yet. So far, the second sock seems to be a near perfect match to the first one; may as well try for perfect heels, too.

This how much yarn I had to wind to get to the starting point in the pattern repeat.

I like the Opal yarn. It's softer than the Regia and Online Supersocke I'm used to working with. Someone suggested I might want to try working it on smaller needles as they found it to be a little thinner than some other sock yarns; I didn't find that at all. I'm working the socks on my usual 2.25 mm double-pointed needles and the sock is perfect.

So far, I've found only one brand of sock yarn I'd consider knitting on smaller needles. That would be the Trekking XXL. It definitely feels finer.

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