Thursday, December 01, 2005

One more FO for 2005

It's fun watching my Finished Objects list growing a little more before the end of the year. When you actually keep track of what you finish, it's surprising how much you can create. I know I knit a lot, but I really hadn't realized just how much I did finish this year. And today, I added one more thing to that list: the Soho scarf from Exquisite Little Knits.

I made a couple of minor changes to the scarf, like making it a little wider than the original pattern... and working completely in garter stitch, rather than purling one stitch at the end of each row in the center section. I did that because I didn't like the way the third section was picked up (a definite seam). Now, I love the scarf!

As well, I did the cast on for another project from the same book. As some of you may remember, for my birthday earlier this year, I spoiled myself and ordered some yarn from Handmaiden yarns. One of them was called Angel Hair, 70% Kid Mohair, 30% nylon in a colourway named Autumn. It's a gorgeous combination of lime green, yellow, orange and corals... truly beautiful. It's been tucked away in my stash since August, but last night, one skein made it's way on to two chairs and became a ball of yarn. It's amazing how gorgeous the colours looked on the skein. When wound into a ball, it looks like a dog's breakfast. But, that aside, it's knitting up VERY pretty.

The pattern I'm using is one called the Feathery Stole. It calls for Rowan Kid Silk Haze (I do have some of that, too), but I thought it would be very effective in the Angel Hair. What do you think so far?

Notice the needles? They were another gift to self... Lantern Moon needles. Beautiful needles for a beautiful yarn.

One last thing... I'm going to be posting a couple of pictures to the store's blog. You have to go and check out what Cathy (one of my co-workers) knitted up. Check it out here.... Art of Yarn

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  1. I love your Soho scarf. Gorgeous colors. And the new one you started with the Angel Hair yarn is fabulous. :-)