Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Another Two FO's

You read that right. Two more finished objects.

Guinevere is done, off the needles. She's lovely, but.... I'm disappointed in how small this wrap really is. From looking at the picture, I would have assumed you could easily wrap her around your shoulders, right? Well, she does wrap around the shoulders, but just barely. In order to keep her in place, you'd need a pin of some kind.

I messed up the 3-needle bind-off. How does one mess up something as simple as a 3-needle bind-off, you ask? Well, think black; think late evening; think more tired than I care to admit..... it all went well. It really did. Until the last stitch, the final loop. I pulled the loop up, cut my tail and was about to weave the tail through that final loop... so far, so good. The loop had disappeared. I thought I caught it, bound it off, wove in the end, held up the wrap and saw....... a hole....... the cast off had undone itself for about 6 stitches without my noticing it. I did try to repair it, but succeeded in missing all the live stitches, so I put it back in my knitting basket until this morning, when I rescued the dropped stitches and crocheted it all together. It looks ok, but not perfect. She is now soaking in preparation for blocking. Maybe that will help with the size. I'll let you know. In the meantime, here she is....

Then, the second FO. A bit of background first.. I love my baths. Bubble baths. And while I'm luxuriating in said bubble bath, I like to peruse a knitting book or two. The other night, one of the two books accompanying me was Cat Bordhi's "Treasury of Magical Knitting". I was inspired.

The book and my set of Denise needles came with me to the store yesterday, where I picked out two balls of Debbie Bliss' Soho yarn. I cast on for her Reversible Lotus Blossom hat. I finished it last night. It was a fun knit and the hat turned out really nice. I love it! I might even actually wear it (how's that for bad grammar?)! See for yourself.

(right side out)

(inside out)

Now, I'm really wanting to knit more projects incorporating Cat's moebius method. However, I've made an early New Year's resolution. I will not start any new projects until all the projects I have on the needles are off the needles.

To that end, I've taken one project off the needles. Do you remember that I started the Feathery Stole from Exquisite Little Knits? Well, this morning, I took it off the needles. I must have been really tired when I worked on it last as there were a number of errors. I tried to repair them, but........ *sigh* The yarn is now back in my stash, waiting patiently to become that "perfect" project. For now, I'll be working on the last of the four reversible hats (I told the kids they'd be getting them, but not necessarily in time for Christmas... the grandkids get enough from the rest of the family, any way) and my Donegal Tweed cardigan.

Back to the knitting. I intend to finish one more project this year.. the last of the reversible hats.


  1. Your shawl is beautiful! I've never attempted a big project in black.

  2. Let's all hope you can block the shawl "out" some. I'm certain it'll be fine, Ev. And if it's not big enough why can't you add another bit of lace edging? But I do know that sometimes I just as so happy to have the dang thing "off the needles" I would kill anyone who suggested that to me!

    Happy New Year and thanks for sharing your thoughts, your techniques and some nice patterns. Stay well.