Friday, December 16, 2005

Again with the Afterthoughts

Alright, here's the picture of the finished sock. Yes, it's still only one sock. I tend to get sidetracked, but I definitely do intend to complete the second one. No second sock syndrome happening here; the second sock is on the needles.

And a close up of the heel. (Sorry about the slight blurriness; low light, slow aperture speed doesn't make for perfectly clear pictures unless the camera's on a tripod... it wasn't.)

Notice the loose stitches at the corners? That's the only flaw with this sock and it's one I can live with. The next sock I do with this heel will be perfect. I think I will either pick up a third stitch in the corner or I'll make certain I knit those corner stitches extra tight. As I said, though, I can live with this.

I've also started another project. Hush now, stop reminding me of all the projects still on the needles; I know. I couldn't resist this one. The yarn was already in my stash, so it's not costing me any extra cash. For any of you who have the book "Wrap Style", I'm working on Guinevere. It's a shawl/wrap that has a unique shape, wedges, really, that form sort of a half circle. The pattern calls for Rowan Kid Silk Haze, which I could have used seeing as I have some in my stash, but I'm working it Skacel's Lace Merino and a strand of Crystal Palace's Kid Merino. That's giving it a "fuller" look, but still resulting in a lovely, lightweight wrap. In black. Which you don't work on in poor light. I tried to take a picture of it, but it just looks like a black blob at this stage. I'll try taking a picture when I'm further along... or for sure when I have it finished.

It's worked from the neck down and the hem up; it's done in two pieces which are finished off with a three needle bind off. Right now, I have about 8" worked. For the hem, I'm thinking about casting on using seed beads on every other stitch. That would give it a little bit of weight around the bottom edge, as well as just a little touch of glitter. We'll see how that works out. If you've ever put beads in a cast on edge, let me know; I'd appreciate any hints you might have for me.

I will leave you now with what I look at every morning from the living room window. Every fall, the coots come down from the mountain lakes to winter on Okanagan Lake. They remind me of little corks bobbing on the water. They dive to feed off the weeds in the water, and when they come back up, the "pop" out of the water, like submerged corks. They're fun to watch.

Not easy to see them, I know, but all those little black dots are coots.


  1. It is hard to say whether I like the sock or the view better!

  2. I'm with you, Shara. What a great view, Ev! I doubt I'd ever want to leave home.