Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Le Sock... so far

Beadlizard, in her comment, said she was going to enjoy watching me make the afterthought heel, so I decided to post frequent update pictures. Susanne commented that the sock leg didn't look very long. Susanne, you're right. I decided to spare myself a lot of knitting and time by making them/it ankle socks. Your suggestions, by the way, make sense and I have filed them for future reference. Thank you.

Ok, so this is where I am on the sock right now...

The instep (or top of the foot)

The sole. The heel will be where the green waste yarn is.

I've started the toe in a contrasting colour and will have it done later today. I'll take frequent pictures of the heel in progress and will post them over the next day or two.

Oh, Beadlizard, I think you're right about BGW's second treasury. I've already got post-it notes throughout the book on stitch patterns I think would be great in socks. All sorts of ideas are going through my mind as I page through the book. Like I said to John the other night, I need more hands to do all the knitting I'd like to do. That, and time.

I'll end this morning's post by letting all of you know how much I appreciate your comments, input and suggestions. There are times it almost feels like a "Sit and Stitch" session. I love it! Thank you, all.

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  1. Vicarious knitting! Thank you, Ev, for the progress photos. --Sylvia