Friday, December 30, 2005

Moebius Fun

It's not the new year quite yet. Technically, New Year's resolutions don't kick in until the new year arrives, right? With that in mind, and Cat Bordhi's book in front of me, I did this yesterday...

What fun! I started it at the store yesterday, before it got too busy to sit and knit, and finished it last night. By this morning, it was dry (I set it on a register). I love it! Now, I'm trying to decide whether or not it needs a mate. What do you think?

It's not very big, as you can see by the size of the needles, so it will never grace the feet of anyone. It's pure whimsy. Nothing more. Two of them together might be kind of fun, especially with a small vase inside each and a few sprigs of floral blossoms in the spring... some knitting needles in each... hmmm... could be fun, yes?

I used one ball of yarn of Lopi for the body of the sock and a contrasting ball for the trim. I bought two balls of the main colour, so I have plenty. Or I could do a second sock opposite the first, the contrast colour for the body and the main colour as the contrast. Your opinions are valued and appreciated. Let me know what you think.

In other knitting, the last of the reversible hats is nearly done. I'm hoping to finish it today; then I'll wash all four of the hats and get them ready to mail out to the grandkids. That's part of my plan for today. I need to go through a couple of recipe books I took out of the library and copy out a few recipes. I've also promised my daughter I'd send her some new recipes to try. Since she had her daughter a year and a half ago, she's become quite domestic. I'm continually amazed by her. She's turning into a good woman. I'm proud of her.

Incidentally, I took Guinevere to the store yesterday. It's there as a display piece until I decide what to do with it. I did block it and it got a little bigger, but is still on the small side for me (and I'm not a large person). I'll probably leave it there until I find the right person to gift it to.

I doubt that I'll be doing much blogging over the next couple of days, so allow me to take this opportunity to wish all of you who read this blog a happy and prosperous 2006. May it be all you hope for and more.

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  1. What a cute needle holder! Sometimes whimsical knitting is the best!