Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Just another day

After a couple of grayish, rainy, cooler days, the sunshine is back. The temperatures aren't reaching the highs they've reached for the last few weeks, so we definitely know that autumn isn't far away. John keeps telling me about the rest of the year on the lake, how things change from season to season. As much as I've enjoyed the summer, I'm looking forward to seeing those changes, watching the lake and it's inhabitants throughout the coming weeks and months.

We had a bit of a forest fire scare here last week. Thankfully, the cooler weather and the rain helped get that fire contained very quickly and it is no longer a threat.

On the knitting front, I'm making good progress with Jeane's socks. One's done and the other is progressing nicely. I was hoping to spend more time knitting yesterday, but when both of us have a day off together, husbands come first, n'est ce pas? Today, he's working, so I have the time to spend with my needles and am looking forward to getting a lot done!

One thing I did do yesterday was to go through the yarn stash in my bedroom. It was getting a little untidy and unruly. John created a little "cat corner" in the bedroom for me (typical Leo.. I like my little cat corners, where I can sit, knit, read or whatever... there aren't enough of those little corners in this house) and when he came to check where I was and what I was doing, I had baskets, yarn and pink bags (the store I work in uses these great pink bags.. they make great project bags, but you can't hide yarn purchases from your husband) spread all around me. Now, I know just how many projects I have on the go (don't ask) and what needs to be worked on next before I start something else. Check it out.

(And, just so you don't get the wrong idea, this is NOT the entirety of my stash; this is the part of the stash that is in my bedroom. There are another couple of boxes and a suitcase of yarn being stored in the garage... I know, not the ideal place for it, but the garage is enclosed and is directly below our bedroom, used mainly for storage, not for vehicles.)

My "cat corner". I love to sit there with a cup of coffee, a magazine or my knitting. With the skylight above, I have plenty of light. This is not the brightest of houses.

Speaking of Jeane's socks, my socks from her arrived here on Monday afternoon. They're beautiful! Here's a picture to show you just how nice they are. They are the Baltic socks from the German sock knitting Yahoo group, Mustersocken (I think I got that right). An interesting little aside... Jeane sent the ball band from the yarn; it's a Canadian yarn... I'm Canadian. Just thought that was kind of interesting.

Once again, thank you, Jeane! You'll have your socks soon.

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