Thursday, August 25, 2005

Stash Enhancement

I spoiled myself... this is my birthday present to me. It arrived in the mail yesterday. I think I will keep this where I can fondle it at will. Such decadent stuff!

Handmaiden yarns, Angel Hair (70% kid mohair, 30% nylon, 800 m/100 gm), Autumn

Cherry Tree Hill sock weight yarn, Spring Frost and Java

Lorna's Laces, Watercolor and Tuscany

Handmaiden yarns, Silk Floss, Moss Garden, 100% silk

Yum, yum, yum!


  1. Omigosh! the COLORS! I can hardly wait to see what your creative mind thinks up.

  2. Ooh, such yummy yarns, Ev! How is it I've never heard of Handmaiden Yarns? Where did you order them from? I love that all those handpainted yarns come in skeins. It's an extra step to wind into balls but you get to enjoy the colours an extra time while you do it!

  3. Wow Ev those are gorgeous looking yarns!!! Lucky you ..I thought the first photo was your gift then I scrolled and scrolled somemore!!!!