Monday, February 27, 2006

Where does time go???

Ack! It's been far too long since I updated the blog. I was beginning to feel guilty! There has, however, been a lot happening in my "other" life. You know... the one away from the computer? Yes, Virginia, there IS life away from the computer!

I have not stopped knitting, though. Far from it. I'm almost knitting too much, if there is such a thing. I keep finding new projects to start. I simply cannot understand how any knitter could have nothing on their needles and not know what to knit next.

Ok, so here goes...

This is the vest that I'm doing on order. I'm about 2" from the shoulder shaping. Then the fronts. With no button holes and a crochet edge, I'll have this vest done in plenty of time. No problem!


There's been progress on the mermaid socks. This is, granted, still the first sock but I am up to the heel. I want to make sure I have the time to sit and follow the directions for the garter stitch heel, so it's temporarily on hold (until I have a day to myself). I'm sure it won't be difficult, but I want to be able to concentrate on it without interruption. You know what I mean?

And then, I've been playing with this...

It's for my granddaughter, Trinity. Her second birthday is coming up in April and I thought this would be a fun little something for her. If you haven't seen anything like it before, you haven't seen Cat Bordhi's "Second Treasury of Magical Knitting". I'll post another picture of this bag after it's been felted. It really is fun... and I know how to pick up waste yarn stitches now.... really well! Incidentally, little Miss Trinity spent a couple of nights in the hospital this past weekend, suffering from pneumonia. She's been battling croup and a touch of pneumonia all winter and when she started showing signs of dehydration, she was admitted to the hospital. She is now back at home, drinking plenty of fluids and is, hopefully, on the mend. Needless to say, I've been worried sick!

Oh, Leslie? The socks that I had on the needle I had to frog. I just wasn't happy with the knitting so the needle is resting comfortably with it's compatriots, all of whom are patiently waiting their turn.

pssst... Dianne? I finally got around to updating the blog.... ;)


  1. Those socks look really cool! I hope Trinity (love that name) feels better soon and I can't wait to see her finished bag. Very intriguing... ;0)

  2. Glad to see you back in blog-land, Ev. I went almost 2 weeks without updating mine - darn making a living!!

    The mermaid socks look really neat. When I get done with this shawl and another pair of socks for Marc I'll have to look up that pattern...

    Have a happy!

  3. Your work is breathtaking! And the mermaid socks! Equisite! I very much enjoyed your blog, thanks for sharing it!

    Putnam County, NY