Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Always Keep Learning

I love learning new things when it comes to the craft I love. Thanks to Jacquie, I now know how to work the Magic Loop. It's easy! And, as posted yesterday, I'm trying a toe-up sock, my first. If it turns out alright, I might even make the second sock of the pair.

Just past the cast on for the toe. I used a figure 8 cast on, as described in the booklet. After doing it about three times, it's looking good (that was just for the sake of practice).

I had to try it on, right? And I had to try it on over another pair of hand knit socks, just cuz I was wearing them. The yarn I'm using for this sock is Sirdar's Country Style DK on a 3 mm 40" Addi Turbo. I must admit that doing toe-up socks using this method is a lot easier than doing it using double-pointed needles.

It seems I won't be doing much knitting again today. The wrist is feeling a little better, but is still aching, and my thumb won't make it any easier. I suppose I'd better listen to that voice telling me to slow it down. It's very frustrating, though. I'm not a person who can just sit and do nothing and right now, there's not a lot I CAN do around here. Even working on the computer isn't easy; we have a thumb-controlled roller ball mouse and the bandages slide on the roller ball, making it very awkward to operate. Perhaps today would be a good day to go for a long walk.

I'm still waiting for feedback and advice on toe-up socks, by the way. One of these days, I WILL get to the heel of this sock and I'll want to know the best way to go... help me out here!

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  1. I have a toe-up pattern I'd love to share. It's for two socks at the same time, you can choose to knit one at a time. See my blog PATTERNS on the sidebar.