Tuesday, February 07, 2006

One down, One to go

I finished the first of the Embossed Leaves socks yesterday.

The star toe. I'll use that toe again; I think it's a pretty one for a lacy sock, don't you?

It fits well, it looks good... I like it! I would have cast on for the second one right away, but I have a rather achy wrist at the moment and have to take it easy with the knitting right now. That's really, really hard! There are so many things I want to do, to try.

Like toe up socks on a circular needle, as in Magic Loop. Jacqui came into the store yesterday and slid the Magic Loop booklet across the counter to me; she wants me to learn how to do it so I can, in turn, teach her. Nooooooo problem. Once the EL socks were off the needles, I immediately picked up a circ and some waste yarn and tried it. I think I could get used to working on one long circular. There's only one small problem. Addi Turbos don't come in 2.25 mm. That's the size I use all the time for socks done in 4 ply fingering weight. That's the size that gives me 8.5st/inch, which I find to be just right.

If you've done toe up socks, give me some input. What's your favourite cast on for toe up socks? What's your favourite heel? What's your favourite resource for toe up socks? A favourite pattern? Help me out here. I have a few patterns for toe up socks, but obviously haven't tried any of them yet.

Input.... please? If I can't knit, at least I can read and research!

P.S. It's one thing when your wrist tells you it's time to take a break from knitting; it's quite another when it's the entire cosmos. What do I mean? Well, I was doing some prep for dinner, making sweet potato fries, and I cut my thumb along with the fries. *sigh* It bled for quite a while before I could bandage it. It's okay now, but I won't be doing much knitting for the next day or so.


  1. I haven't knit any toe up socks yet so I can't help you there. But I'm in love with these socks. I needed an idea for sockapalooza and I think you gave it to me. Thank You. Now I need to figure the yarn...

  2. Sorry about your wrist & thumb! Hope they both heal quickly. Your sock looks beautiful. I really like the colors of the yarn.
    I knit all my socks toe-up now. I use the provisional cast-on, which I can then take out and pick up the stitches for the foot. Both my toe & heel are short-row. For patterns, I usually just refigure whatever pattern I want to use for toe-up. Or make my own.
    I love the magic-loop way! And I too wish Addis would come in 2.25. Inox needles used to, although I don't like them as much as the Addis.

  3. The socks are just gorgeous!! I've never tried the star toe yet. Have never done toe-up socks yet either, but plan to learn soon.

    Hope your hands are feeling better. I understand, having arthritis in my hands too. Horrible about the cut thumb. I hope it heals quickly so you can get right back to your knitting.

  4. What yarn did you use for your embossed leaves socks? Very pretty.