Friday, March 03, 2006

Bad Hair Day??

I've been having fun! I know, there are a few projects I MUST get finished; I have time limits on one of them. But... but... I just HAD to do this one!

I think I mentioned, didn't I, that I was inspired by something I saw during the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics? Well.... without further ado... may I present the Mop Top Toque?

This one is sized to fit an average woman. It fits me perfectly, but then, I'm just an average woman apparently. I'm presently working on a child-sized version and have plans for a man's sized version as well. The yarns used in the woman's version are Schachenmayr's Extra, 100% superwash virgin wool and SRK's Baby Monkey, a gorgeously (is that a word?) soft furry yarn.

I'm planning on making the pattern available... if anyone's interested, that is. I had this hat on display at the store yesterday and the general concensus was that it's a fun hat. Everybody giggled when they saw it.



  1. Wowzer! Reminds me of Ernie (Sesame Street) head. (I used to tease my son about that in the mornings.)

  2. That is a fun hat! I'm trying to picture it in boy colors and am wondering if that would be 'cool'? ;-) I missed that in the Olympic coverage though.

  3. YES! I saw some people wearing something similar, but manufactured, on the ski slopes a couple weeks ago. They're ski goggles were below the mop top.