Sunday, February 12, 2006

This and that

I have nothing to show you today. I'm making progress on several fronts, though; that's a good thing. One of the Lotus hats Tara ordered is almost done (Addi Turbos made all the difference); the second toe-up magic loop sock is past the heel, so it's in the home stretch now; the back of the Donegal Tweed cardi has about an inch to go for the shoulder shaping, so it's in the home stretch too. The cardi is my "finish-it-by-the-time-the-Olympics-are-done" project. Basically, all that needs to be done is the two front panels and the sleeve cap of the second sleeve. I think I can manage that within two weeks.

Incidentally, my wrist is much better. I think the thing that aggravated it was working the moebius on the Denise needles. Don't get me wrong; I love my Denise needles. However, the Tentacao yarn on the Denise needles just didn't slide very well and I fought with it for the entire moebius band. It was a case of the wrong needle for the yarn, that's all. As well, the cut thumb is healing nicely.

Being a passionate knitter, I don't always realize how my constant knitting (and talking about knitting) affects those around me. Last night, I found out. When we got home last evening, we found that we had the house to ourselves. John suggested that we spend the evening in the bedroom, where he had a fire ready to light (in more ways than one). He suggested I have a nice hot bubble bath, something I never say no to. After colouring my hair and enjoying my bath (with a knitting book to keep me occupied), he had a shower. Then I had to share some of my day with him. Nothing wrong with that, right?

He listened patiently, then informed me that it took something away from the mood to realize that he wanted to "share a moment" (you know what I mean) with a grandmother who's talking about knitting and her day with other knitters, rather than a woman who's appreciating what her man's done to help get her "ready". I explained that it was my way of debriefing, getting past my working day; he understood. After dinner, a movie and a couple glasses of wine, we did resolve the issue satisfactorily. *grin*

And we still have the house to ourselves.

Incidentally, the movie we watched was "Antwone Fisher", one neither of us had seen. I highly recommend it. We really enjoyed it. I, of course, cried.

Goal for today... finish the back and second sleeve of the cardigan and solidify in my mind what I'll be doing for the fronts. It is, after all, my own design. I'd better know what I'm going to do with it. I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Oh, wow, I'm laughing! Sorry I never responded to your email. I will! I promise. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Well, you could have taken a photo, but it would have (possibly) shut down your blog... :P

    Hope you get a repeat for Valentine's Day!