Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl Sunday Update

I'm not into American football... didn't grow up with it, don't know the rules, makes no sense to me at all. As far as sports go, the only ones I enjoy watching are hockey and baseball. That aside, though, it's Super Bowl Sunday and around here, it means that every television set in the house is set to the game.

We are expecting some company, not sure how many, but not a lot. I've got munchies ready to go as I know there will be some alcohol flowing. Let's see.. I've made spring rolls, deep fried wonton and will be making a couple of pizzas. (Sounds like International day at our house, doesn't it?) Now, before the game starts, I decided to take some time out for me... and you.

I've been steadily working on the Embossed Leaves sock and I think it's going to work this time. Here's where I'm at right now...

I tried the sock on earlier this morning, once I'd gotten past the gusset shaping and this time the tubular cast on fits much better. I decided to go with an Eye of Partridge heel instead of the heel flap used in the original pattern. I like how the EoP heel looks with a lacy pattern. I will, however, incorporate the star toe that the pattern uses. I really want to see how that one turns out; it's one I haven't done before.

By now, I'm sure every knitter who reads any blogs at all is aware of the Knitting Olympics started by the Yarn Harlot. I'm not getting involved. At least, not officially. After a great deal of thought and soul searching, I've decided that I will finish the Donegal Tweed cardi instead of starting a new project. The Olympics is ten days, right? I should be able to complete the sweater in that time frame. It's a great idea, but I'm trying to finish projects, not start new ones. I'm already good at that!

On another note, a couple of Christmases ago, I bought some small poinsettias. I've never had much luck with them and they usually end up in the compost pile by the time all the Christmas trappings have been packed away. However, with John's green thumb, we've managed to keep two of the plants (in one large pot) alive for another year. This summer, the whole pot went outdoors, where the plants thrived. When the weather started to cool, we brought the pot back inside and put it into a corner in the living room. We've researched what poinsettias need in order to "bloom" (a misnomer because it's the leaves that turn red, not the flower). Last year, the plants didn't turn red. We didn't manage to get red leaves for Christmas, but........

Check this out!

...and this...

I'm thrilled! We didn't even TRY to force the plant to turn to red. It's past Christmas, but we did it! (Little things excite me to no end... *grin*)

Back to the sock..... and, yeah, the pre-game stuff, too.


  1. I am American and I never watch the Super Bowl. Or the World Series in baseball for that matter. Instead I turned on "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and knit some CIC socks. Much better way to spend the evening.

    My poinsettias always survive but never bloom again. Living room is too sunny and I can never remember to put them in the closet and take them out. So I'm impressed any time a poinsettia blooms a second time. I guess I'm in the Little things excite me to no end club with you. LOL.

  2. No football, baseball, hockey here - nuttin'. I like basketball though, but don't watch much of that either.

    Not having a green thumb I'm really impressed with your pointsettia - and with that sock. Lookin' good, Ev!