Thursday, February 22, 2007


We have heat again. Today, a new furnace was installed. Thankfully, it wasn't as cold as it could have been. The installers aren't completely finished, but the furnace is in and running and warming up the house.

On to other things... The Estonian Garden scarf now has 13 repeats, which means it's growing nicely. It's looking really pretty; I may make more of these. One skein of the Merino Lace is something like 1800 yards, so I should be able to get a couple of scarves out of a single skein. Tonight will be a good time to work on it (while watching Survivor and CSI).

The Icarus Shawl, she is put aside for a while. I appreciate Cole's comment the whole repair thing... " My personal opinion on that is that repair makes it unique and special -- but I guess that is because I most of the time have an "oops" in my projects. " I'll have to start thinking about it that way. I'm not perfect; why should my shawl be? When I'm up to it, I'll undo the repair I made in the stocking stitch section and try to do a less conspicuous repair. While walking to work this morning, I mentally went over the entire procedure and I think I can do it. Don't ask me to explain what I have in mind; I'm not sure I could, but I AM sure it can look a lot better than it does right now. I'll have to find my stronger glasses, though.

Oh, by the way, I did check the rest of my stash for evidence of creepie crawlies and found nothing. One bag had a dead moth in it and that yarn is being subjected to a deep freeze. Other than that, though, I think I can breathe a big sigh of relief!

I was also going to show you something I was able to get to again. Here, allow me...

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I used to do a LOT of rubber stamping. The card above is a simple one, just to get my hand in again. Since I left my first husband, I've not really had the space to do much stamping. I still don't have a lot of space, but John has cleared the work bench in the garage, all my stamps and stamping peripherals are in the garage, so... I started playing a little. I don't think I'll ever be as fanatic a stamper as I used to be, but it's nice to have it all accessible again. I would much rather make a card than buy one; it's much more personal. Incidentally, for any of you out there who are stampers, just a little plug. I have some markers here that I bought pre-1998. They've been sitting in storage for the last couple of years, mostly in unheated garages. They still work! If you can find them, invest in Staedtler's Mars Graphic 3000 duo pens. They have a sponge tip, not a felt tip and you can use them like a paint brush. According to their hype, you can even leave them uncapped for up to two weeks without them drying out. All I know is, if they're still working 9+ years after I bought them, having been in hot garages and freezing garages, with not a single one dried out, I'm sold!

Anyway, I have the suite all to myself for the next couple of nights. I'm off to enjoy myself... now, which project to I really want to work on???


  1. I agree with you on the pre-made card thing. My son's girlfriend is a little into scrapping and made a BEAUTIFUL card for my son!

  2. Very glad to hear you've got your heat back! So which is worse - no heat or no water?

    (Ducking and running...)

    Stamping - gosh I haven't even thought about it in years - I used to have a grand time doing that :)

  3. Hey - A.W.Cute is on Highway 97S on the way to Westbank and is closing out, so everything is on sale!!