Thursday, April 08, 2010

You Ask, You Get!

In an earlier post about the lucets, Emily and Gail (hi guys!) were both curious as to how to use a lucet. Seeing as I was home today, I decided it might be a good time to put together my very first video tutorial.

Emily, Gail, here you go... How to Lucet

And, if you'd like the YouTube link, you can find it here.

Incidentally, it was so much fun putting this video together that, if there's something you'd like to see in a tutorial, let me know; I might just be willing to put together another one.


  1. Hi Ev,
    Love the tutorial, very nicely done. I once again was reminded why yours is my favorite blog. How about a tutorial on making nupps? I know there are some out there but the small needles, fine yarn, speed and too much talking make it hard to follow. Thanks, Carol Steenstry

  2. Wow! Wonderful tutorial! I think I will try my hand at making a few cords. Thank you so much.

  3. Excellent video! Great music and I like the way you move from photo to photo in your 'album' to start the next stage. I don't like having to watch 2 or three minutes of a video while someone yaks before getting down to the actual thing being demonstrated. Your video got right to the demo. You could produce these professionally!

    I've always wondered how to use the lucet. Now I know.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Wow Mom!

    That tutorial was waaayyyy better than a few that I've checked out. You are truely an artist and it shows in all that you do!!! You are amazing! I love you!

  5. Very well done Ev. And now I know that the Lucet is very much akin to the tool used for hairpin lace. Making the cord on the lucet is done almost the same way as making hairpin lace. LOL

    Your Summit is going to be amazing. That Handmaiden yarn, Sea Silk looks absolutely yummy. Can't wait to see more of it as you progress.

    I was looking to see if you had posted the recipe for the cinnamon buns. :) They do look delicious!

  6. The video was so enjoyable, so calming, I would make a cord just to get into the "zone" again.

    What a talent you have for production! And you said this was your first instructional video? Impossible to believe.

  7. Excellent tutorial, Ev! Thank you! I also appreciate the blue background! It makes it so much easier to really "see" what you are doing. Now I want a lucet!

  8. Great Tutorial! I've never seen such a thing! Now I think I need one!