Saturday, April 10, 2010


This is FUN!!! I've made a second tutorial; this time it's about spool knitting, also known as French knitting or corking. We used to do a lot of this as kids. I don't do a lot of it now, but it's a handy thing to know.

A third tutorial is in the works.. for nupps, as requested.



  1. I am knitting a sock. I did a tubular cast on which looks great and stretches nicely. I am just finishing the heel gusset and have to say, it is fairly sloppy. Do you have any ideas/plans for a sock tutorial? I'ld love it!

  2. This is great! I bought one of these from a Michael's store a while back. I thought the instructions would be simple, but really they aren't for me. I wanted to ask you to do a tutorial on this, but couldn't remember the name. I didn't want to say "the hollow thingie with the nails and the white plastic thingie" LOL. Glad you made this tutorial so I can finally get some use out of it.