Wednesday, April 14, 2010


If you hadn't guessed by now, I love baking bread... bread of almost any kind. After a fragmented day today (I had two specialist's appointments today - OB/Gyn and ENT and worked between the appointments), I decided to make focaccia bread and tomato soup for dinner tonight.

I'd bookmarked a recipe on a while back and tried it tonight. It's a keeper!

Above... before baking

Above... after baking

And, with the tomato soup that John made. This is good eats!!

You can find the recipe here.

And as for the doctors' appointments? Ob/Gyn says all is well. ENT (ear, nose & throat specialist) wants another needle biopsy on another part of my thyroid. Then, when the results are in, he's considering surgery to remove at least half of my thyroid (thyroid function is normal, but there are some lumps he'd like to remove). That's way down the road, though. For now, I'll just wait for the call from the hospital for the repeat of the biopsy. Oh, preliminary results indicate that there's no cancer. Life is good!


  1. I hope all goes well with the health issues, Ev. Removing half your thyroid sounds pretty radical.

    I am about to do a post on the cinnamon rolls I made today, which is why I'm visiting your blog at the moment - to get the link for your blog and the rolls.

    See you,

  2. Hey Ev,
    My sister recently had half of her thyroid removed - she was sore for about a week, but is back to good now. Also, the scar is very minimal, you don't even notice.

    Just wanted to throw my two cents in. That bread looks awesome.


  3. Next time I'll visit your blog AFTER i'm done working and having no lunch..
    That bread kills me; it looks so yummie.
    You can wake me in the middle of the night for soup and bread...

  4. I LOVE Focaccia Bread, but I've never made it before. Thank you so much for "sampling" the recipe for us, and then sharing it. It looks amazing!!