Friday, April 02, 2010

New Toys!

Do you remember that back in January (here, to be exact), I improvised a lucet? To refresh your memory, a lucet is an ancient tool, harking back to Viking times, for making cords. I've used lucet cord to make a drawstring for a bag I made and I wear one as a reminder bracelet (every time I touch it, I think of my daughter).

Well, two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to work with Tim. He used to work in the same shop I'm in, but after the owner bought a second print shop, Tim has been managing it and no longer works with me. While babysitting the copier there, I asked Tim, who has a well-equipped woodworking shop, if he could make me a lucet.

After drawing one out and explaining to him what it was for, he obliged me and this week, as my boss passed me in the shop, he said "Your slingshots are here". I was momentarily puzzled, but quickly realized that he meant the lucets Tim had made for me.

The two lighter coloured lucets are made of pine; I'm not sure what kind of wood the center one is, but it is also quite a bit thicker than the pine lucets. Both of the pine lucets are very comfortable in the hand, light, smooth and fun to work with.

The cord you see on this lucet took about an hour to make and, now that I have the rhythm down, goes very smoothly.

Tim has let me know that the lucets aren't difficult to make, but the sanding takes some time. He's also let me know that he's more than willing to make them for sale. If you're at all interested in learning how to lucet, let me know and something could be arranged.


  1. That looks really interesting. I would love to see how it works!!

  2. I might be interested in one if he really is willing to sell them.

  3. How much do you think he would charge for one?