Sunday, January 11, 2009

Technically, It's Not Knitted, But It's A FO

I have my second finished object for 2009. The first FO was the Bernat Cashmere wristers, for which I've not yet written up the pattern. That will happen.

Last week, John and I went to the library and I found a book called "Brilliant Bags". One of the patterns caught my eye. Reading the pattern, it called for an old sweater to be cut up and used for the lining of this particular bag. Well, being a knitter, I couldn't justify cutting up a perfectly good sweater. Besides, who could guarantee that I could find just the colour I wanted in a second hand sweater?

Working almost next door to a second hand store has it's advantages. Going through the fabric and yarn section one day, I came across a bolt of upholstery fabric that I thought would make a terrific bag. There were about 2 meters on the bolt and I think I paid $6.00 for it. Last week, I also found some pale gray lining fabric. Just shy of 2 meters cost me $3.00. The yarn and buttons were in my stash already.

Though the "cuff" is knitted, technically this isn't a knit project. It does incorporate knitting, so I'm including it in my knitted FO's, okay?

I know that John doesn't see the need or understand the desire, but it's nice to have a tote bag that doesn't look like a tote bag, you know? I guess it's a girl thing. Size-wise, this bag is big enough to hold a project comfortably and not be crowded. For the picture, I stuffed about six balls of yarn into the bag before putting the sweater-in-progress on the top. Not huge, but a decent size. I started it yesterday, finished it this morning. All in all, a gratifying project, one that I'll get plenty of use out of.