Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mitten, Mitten

There's just something about mittens. I'm not sure why I'm in the mood to knit mittens, but somehow two pairs have made it onto my needles. I've cast on for a pair of double-rolled mittens for myself (probably for me, but apparently someone in my family would like a pair, too.. and maybe a pair for her husband, too).

I've also cast on for another pair of mittens from the same book, "Flying Geese & Partridge Feet". These will be Mrs. Martin's Finger Mitts, otherwise known as gunners mitts or finger mitts. They look like a cross between mittens and gloves, having a separate thumb and forefinger; the other three fingers are encased in a mitten. They look a little funny, but I can see the practicality of them. These will be for John. I'm thinking he could use them at work. That said, and knowing him, he'll probably think they're way to good to be used as work mittens.

The yarn for these mittens is stash yarn. The green is Plymouth Galway and the gray is Patons Classic Wool; they're being worked on 3.5 mm needles.

Gail, any colour preferences?? Just in case... :)

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