Sunday, January 18, 2009


Yesterday, I went for a short walk down the street to our local bakery to pick up a loaf of bread. On the way there, I stopped in at a thrift shop, just to look around. It's certainly not my favourite thrift store, but I have found some interesting knitting-related things there, including a Barbara Walker hard cover book and some WW II era double pointed knitting needles, still in their original wrapper.

This time, I came out with two vintage booklets. They're great! The patterns are classic. Some of them I wouldn't put on any child, but others could be easily updated. I paid the grand sum of $1.00 for the two books, just slighly more than the original price.

Having finished John's gloves yesterday, I started thinking about my gloves. Earlier this week, Interweave's Knitting Daily had a free glove pattern, Norwegian Gloves by Nancy Bush. I studied the pattern yesterday and decided to make them. I can't do a lot on them this weekend because I can't print the pattern here at home. My printer's not cooperating; I think it's the cheap ink cartridges. Remind me never to buy them again, ok?

I did, however, knit up the cuff and the first five rows of the colour chart. Tomorrow, I'll print up the pattern at work and continue working on the gloves. The yarn I'm using is SandnesGarn's Lanett superwash wool. It's really nice and soft and is knitting up nicely.

Here's what the gloves will look like when finished.

Here's where I'm at with my gloves, as of this morning. The yarn isn't as white as it appears in the picture, but it also isn't as creamy as the ones in the original picture.

And now, back to the Ropes & Picots cardi.


  1. It's easy to see, even this early, that your gloves are going to be really special and very lovely.

    Congratulations on the "new" books. I fell into a gold mind of sorts. Both my Mother and Grandmother were knitting most of their lives, and my Mother taught me at the age of 6 (wow, that's 60 years knitting now) and they both passed on all of their knitting books and patterns to me. I have a nice pile of vintage knitting books with most of the patterns for infants and young toddlers, but also all the way to adult. I treasure every one of them, and I love looking through them even now for an unusual but pretty pattern, and they never let me down.

    Enjoy your new booklets. :)

  2. Thanks for reminding me about the glove pattern. I nearly missed downloading it! You've had a much more successful time with gloves lately than I have. These will be lovely and I really like your improvised cuff on the last pair too.