Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Oh Yeah!


Uh huh, it's off the needles! All that's required now is a good blocking!

When that's done, I'll post pictures. For now, I'm thrilled beyond words that this shawl is off the needles, not because it took forever (it didn't), but because I really want to see how it looks totally done!

(and I'll tell you one thing right now.. it will probably be close to doubled in size!)


  1. Oh boy - look at that amazing piece! God Ev, that would have taken me years to finish!

    Okay - I'm all set and ready to drool upon viewing the blocked item - so just give me the word...

    Will you write up a pattern for this, do you think?

  2. I love the colors and the close up of the lace a few posts ago. Can't wait to see it blocked out and beautiful!

  3. Hallo Ev. Wat een prachtig resultaat.Echt schitterend. Dit is een van de dingen die ik wel nooit zal kunnen, omdat ik niet zo'n ster in breien ben.Een paar sokken, dan houdt het wel op.Maar daardoor geniet ik dubbel van jouw brei-avonturen.Fijn dat we op deze manier- via het web- hiervan mee kunnen genieten. Dankjewel.