Saturday, February 16, 2008

Knitting Muse has left the building

It's been an odd week. After last weekend, having completely finished the Evolution Shawl, nothing I'm working on feels "right". I'm just not feeling the love with any of my projects.

John's Sterka socks are finished. I grafted the toe of the second sock last night, then sat about, restless, not being able to decide what to pick up next. I hate that feeling!

The socks. Yes, I do have a picture, just to prove that they're done. :)


He loves them! This yarn is interesting. It feels quite a bit rougher than any sock yarn I've worked with to date. And thicker. The socks feel more "substantial" than most of the socks I've knitted for John and he likes that. That's not to say that the yarn IS thicker; it's a 4-ply (fingering) weight yarn, worked on my usual 2.25 mm needles. They just feel thicker, stiffer, "woolier". Yanno? The important thing is that he likes them.

I did start on another project last Sunday, one that caught my eye. It's from the Winter 07/08 Vogue Knitting.


It's pattern #2, the Beaded Shawl. I'm using the Jarbo Garn Gastrike Lace I have leftover from the Evolution shawl, with pearl seed beads. I like it but, as I said earlier, I'm not loving it yet. I did swatch it with other beads, but the pearl beads looked the best with the dark gray. What you see there, I did last Sunday afternoon and evening. I haven't picked it up since then.

I've looked at other projects that need finishing (like the Shawl Back Shrug), but again, I haven't picked up anything that screams "Pick me!". It's frustrating.

Where'd my knitting Muse go??? I want her back!


  1. OMG, the swatch for the beaded shawl is gorgeous!! Maybe you're restless because Spring is on its way . . . . maybe it's time to knit something Springlike!!??

  2. Your little Musie will be back, Ev. She's just taking a bit of a holiday. I'm with Sharon - maybe something that says "spring" to you would help.

  3. Net als met een goed boek, heb je die uit, dan is elk ander boek wat je gaat lezen opeens niet leuk en boeiend meer. Even tijd over laten gaan dus.