Sunday, February 10, 2008

Breathing a HUGE Sigh of Relief!

Yesterday, you saw the pictures of the shawl. You saw the horror of the hole. Well, John (and those of you who left comments) was more confident of my abilities than I was, it seemed. And, it seemed, rightfully so. Once the shawl was completely dry and released from the floor, and once I'd had an opportunity to sit down with Rena Crockett's book, I set about to repair the hole.

It didn't take as long as I thought it would. Nor was it as difficult as I thought it would be.


You saw this picture in yesterday's post. As I said then, a splice had come apart at that spot. Lesson learned, nuff said about it. Basically, what you do to repair a spot like this is re-knit that section, using a fresh piece of yarn. I found all the stitches, pinned them onto the cardboard and, using the new yarn, simply re-knit the section and grafted it to the other end of the "hole". Then, I made sure that the ends were secured! Very secured!

That was the "before", here's the "after"...


Am I happy, or what? That shawl hasn't been out of sight since I finished the repair!

"Flawless Knit Repair" by Rena Crockett... it isn't a big book, it's self-published, 19 pages, cost me approximately $12, if I remember correctly. After yesterday's repair, I think it was worth every penny. Now, I feel a little more comfortable about tackling the hole in the Icarus Shawl (finished that one a year or so ago, but it's been hiding in my yarn stash until I was confident enough to dig it out)

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