Sunday, February 17, 2008

It Ain't Lace

So, last night I decided to see what Elizabeth Zimmermann's Pi Are Square shawl is all about. There's an article and pattern in the Winter 07/08 Vogue Knitting. My intention was just to knit up a little one to see what the shaping is all about (I have a thing about shawl shaping going on these days... what IS the most practical shawl shape anyway?).

By bedtime, I realized I was kind of getting into this shawl. It's basic. It's garter stitch. It's not lace. It's the perfect stash buster.


It's brown. Brown is sort of how I feel right now.


This is some of the stash that will be busted; I have two 50 gram balls of each colour and all of it will become part of this shawl, along with all the remaining brown I can find. It's left over from the Little Arrowhead cardigan I finished earlier. All of the yarn is Sirdar's Country Style DK. I had purchased the 50 gram balls a few years ago, with the intention of making a scarf out of it. I never did.


This is not going to be a lacy shawl. It's not going to be dainty, or even pretty. It's going to be practical. It's going to be wrap-around-yourself-when-you're-feeling-chilly-or-just-yuck practical. It's simple, it's relatively mindless, seeing as it's all garter stitch. It will not have a lacy edging because I don't think it will need it.

And right now, it suits my frame of mind.


  1. Sometimes simplicity is its own reward.

    Thanks for stopping by the blog...


  2. Just because it's a spur of the moment project using up odd bits of stash yarn doesn't mean it won't be beautiful.

    To be used as you describe, makes it purposeful and that has a beauty all its own. Your work is too fine, Ev, to sell it short because of its simple design and utilitarian function :)

  3. I love the heathered colors that you'll be using. The shawl should be beautiful when it's completed.