Saturday, January 26, 2008

An Updated Blast from the Past

A couple of years ago, I posted a pattern for a simple shrug. The pattern was from a Bernat leaflet, no longer available, as far as I know. To jog your memory, here's what it looks like...



The pattern is on my free pattern site. However, I'm not rehashing this pattern for my own benefit. I was approached by another knitter on Ravelry, asking if she could adapt the pattern to machine knitting. I gave her permission to do so, with the proviso that I could publish her notes. After she had made the machine knit version, she emailed me the directions.

It took a while, Nicola, but the pattern is up, finally. My thanks to Nicola, who blogs (with friends) at Four Friends and a Blog.

On another matter, Robbyn tagged me, on her blog, with a "You Make My Day" award; I'm afraid it may take me a bit of time finding another 10 bloggers who haven't already been tagged, Robbyn. That's a lot of work! I appreciate the honour, and I'll have to go through my blogroll this weekend. :)

As well, I have an update on the Pi Shawl. The edging is progressing nicely at the moment. I have about 144 stitches (of 576) nibbled up as of this morning. I finally found the perfect pattern for the edging, in, of course, one of Barbara Walker's treasuries (#2). I charted it, swatched it, made sure it worked and then cast on for it. It's not an easy pattern to memorize, but with just a 12 row repeat, it's working up fairly quickly. It's interesting how the yarn (and your project) will let you know whether a stitch pattern is right or not. At least, that's how it feels; looking back on the other stitch patterns I had tried, I know they just wouldn't have been right for this shawl.

Now, I'm really looking forward to having it completly off the needles, washed and blocked. I can't wait to see how this shawl turns out!


  1. Thanks for the mention, Ev. Happy knitting!

  2. Wat leuk om zo jou even te zien!! En wat leuk zo'n mooi patroon.Ik ga hem zeker een keer breien!

  3. My pleasure Ev :) Don't worry about passing it on, no one else is either. I hadn't realized knitting blogdom was so saturated with this one :)

  4. Ev: Just linked to your blog and looked at the gorgeousness [even without blocking] that is your current round lace project...does it have a name yet? I was reading very fast and didn't see one. Is this your own creation?

    Should I admit that my own humble SOTSii Yahoo KAL project is in acrylic-gasp, splutter... LOL Actually, experiment or not, I am well pleased with the results. It looks crisp and the lace is not completely unintelligible, it still looks lacy. My knitting group is by turns aghast, amused or interested!