Sunday, January 06, 2008

Just Where Has My Brain Gone??

I can't believe I forgot! I've already got an FO! I finished the Malabrigo Lace scarf on January 1. It's on my dining room table, waiting to be blocked. It is absolutely gorgeous, if I do say so myself.

Everyone, by now, has heard about the softness, the cushiness, the absolute lusciousness of Malabrigo. Well, the laceweight is no different. A year or so ago, I made John a 100% cashmere scarf for his birthday; I would say that the Malabrigo Lace scarf rivals it for softness. It's THAT luscious! And the Malabrigo is merino, not cashmere!

So, why are there no pictures yet? Well, I do need to block the scarf and by the end of today, I'm hoping the Icelandic Shawl will be done, too, so I may as well wait for that and block both at the same time. Considering I have to work this week, both projects will likely wait until next weekend to be blocked. Most likely.

If I do get the Icelandic shawl finished early enough in the day (I have 10 rows left to do), I may block them today. If so, I'll take pictures and post them. In the meantime, back to the needles!
I can't believe I actually forgot to post about an FO! Sheesh!

P.S. Happy Birthday, Lianne!

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