Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ready for an update?

I've been nibbling away at the Pi Shawl. Every day, I try to do at least a few repeats; so far, I've eaten away 186 stitches of the 576 edge stitches. I've decided not to rush it because it's hurting me, knitting as frantically as I have been.

I decided to take a progress picture this afternoon.

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Elizaduckie asked if the shawl had a name, or is it my own design? No and yes. :)

I've been trying to find a name for this shawl and haven't even been struck with inspiration yet. (Hmmm.... while proofreading my post, I thought of a name... what do you think of the Evolution Shawl? Evolution because, from just inside the outer edge, it goes from waves... or water... to vines... or land... to batwing... or air. Well?) It is based on Elizabeth Zimmermann's basic Pi shawl pattern, with stitches of my own choosing. I will be writing out the directions, or at least making the charted version available at some point.

It will be a nice, big shawl, just what I wanted. It will be perfect for those evenings when I just want to cuddle up with something (as opposed to someone) warm and cozy, but not too heavy.

Oh, and also to Elizaduckie, I very much appreciate the suggestion of indicating what format my patterns are in. I will be making those additions to the pattern titles as soon as I can. Thank you so much for bringing that to my attention. It was something I had never even thought of. For those of you who have no idea what I'm babbling on about, Elizaduckie pointed out that Macs can't open .doc files. Some of my free patterns are Word for Windows files; she suggested that I indicate what type of pattern each is. It was only when I started working with Macs at work that something like that even came into my radar.

I have a small confession to make, to end this blog. I started another project. I wasn't going to, but I was inspired! I'll tell you more about it on the weekend, but I WILL say that it's another shawl, a very cozy one, and it's going to use up some stash yarn, and I'm following a pattern this time.

En... Tijm? Mijn haar is nu langer en ik heb veel meer grijs. En wij wonen nu niet meer aan het meer. *zugt* ;)


  1. Seems as though "Evolution" would be the perfect name for it :)

    And another one on the needles already! Hah - good for you!

  2. EV-olution, nice name.
    I love to read your blog and am very surprised that you write in Dutch.
    Groetjes uit Friesland, Froukje