Sunday, August 26, 2007

I've been working on another hat pattern. As I stated earlier, I was given a garbage bag of this yarn and I'd really like to use some (or most) of it up before any little critters or beasties can get to it. It really is knitting up into warm and cozy caps (or toques for you fellow canucks). This time, the process hasn't been quite so straightforward. It seems I'm mathematically challenged. That's not news to me, but this past week, it really made itself evident.

For some reason, I thought, correctly, that 98 was divisible by 14. As I say, correctly. However, my pattern repeat is 8 stitches and 14 rows... 14 rows... 98 is NOT divisible by 8. I didn't discover that until I had finished the ribbing and gotten to row 2 of the pattern repeat. Needless to say, I frogged it. It was only after I'd reknit the ribbing that it occurred to me that I could simply have decreased my first row by 2 stitches and everything would have been just fine.

Oh well. The brain, apparently, was not fully engaged at the time.

Today, I've been spending some time with yarn and needles in hand and have made good progress on what I'm calling The Fairisle Cap. It's based, once again, on one of Anna Zilboorg's Turkish stitch patterns. She did hers in a pleasing variety of colours; I chose to stay with three colours. Here's where it's at so far...

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This one is sized to fit John, or someone with a 23" head. Again, this yarn is knitting up quite nicely and will be a warm and cozy hat for him, or someone, this winter.

In Chatters last night, at one point I had gotten up to check on John, to see if there was anything I could get for him as he was soaking his feet. This is what I found...

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Apparently, he didn't need anything. Fellow Chatters, I said I'd post it. There ya go! ;)


  1. The hat is lovely.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures! :) I'm sure your John appreciates our concern! :)

  2. *giggle* He groaned when I told him I'd taken his picture while he was sound asleep. I AM a brat occasionally! ;)

  3. Ev the hat is just gorgeous! The pattern is beautiful and works perfectly with the colors you've selected for it! Brava!

    John looks so comfortable and peaceful :)