Monday, September 03, 2007

Some quick knitting content

Baby Rib Hat
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We've been away for the weekend, and just got home last night. This is just a quick blog post; once I get organized again, I'll type up a longer, more descriptive (with pictures) post about our trip.

On the way home, I managed to finish this little cap for Jonathan, my newest grandson. I love the top finish on this cap. It is, obviously, knit from the bottom up. The hat is knit in the round, but split for the top shaping and finishing. It's shaped with short rows and then a 3-needle bind off "sews" the two sides together. I love it! I'll have to remember it so that I can use it in other hats.

Incidentally, I finished it while on a nail-biting gravel road that took us from one highway to another, moving from the prairies of Alberta into the foothils. It was the only way I could ignore the road and the engine thermometer, and keep my sanity and fingernails intact!

It was a fun weekend, but it's good to be home.

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  1. It's a very cute little hat - are you going to share the top-finishing details with us? Hinthinthint... :)

    I'm glad you had a fun weekend and glad you made it home safely!