Sunday, August 19, 2007

No Drooling Allowed

Just for Robbyn and Rob, who hadn't previously seen my completed Clapotis...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket all it's purple alpaca scrumptiousness. I finished this one a long time ago, perhaps two years or more ago. It was two houses back, at any rate. We were talking about knitting trends when one of them mentioned Clapotis, and that they wouldn't knit it because everyone else was knitting it, too. Well, I did knit it, but long before all the fuss and bother. The yarn is, I believe, Luxury Yarns, Alpaca Peru, but I could be wrong on that. It is a Luxury yarn, and it is alpaca, and it is cozy and warm and yummy. Putting this shawl around your shoulders truly is like putting on a hug.

Another topic we discussed in Chatters was Ravelry. During the course of the conversation, I went to the Ravelry site to check where I stood on the list. I was surprised to find that I was #72. When I checkd this morning, I'd moved up into the #3 position. So, I suppose I'll be finding out very shortly what all the hype is about. I did discover that at least one of my patterns is either posted on Ravelry or linked to on Ravelry. If it's posted there, I might have reason to be upset. I'm hoping it's just linked. I guess I'll find out soon enough, right?


  1. There are several of your patterns listed there - I think that the free ones might be linked. Your babyrib cable mitts are listed as a free pattern, so you should ask them to subdivide into Strings n things free patterns and strings n things patterns.

  2. I am a knitter from Ontario. My sister and I were out to your store 3 springs ago when my daughter was graduating from Kootenay School of the arts in Nelson. I have been following your blog since then. I also get a weekly email from a yarn shop in Lansing Michigan. They have a free patern section each week, and one of your patterns was listed this Thursday or last Thurdsay. I can't remember which one now, but I was wondering how they found it. Hope this helps with the mystery

  3. Well the purple alpaca is certainly drool-worthy and gorgeous! But, no offense, I still don't like Clapotis :)

    I hope your adventures on Ravelry are fun - you're going to be in in no time!