Saturday, August 26, 2006

Good Morning!

It's another lovely, sunny, soon-to-be hot day in the gorgeous Okanagan. The sky is blue, blue, blue with just a few wisps of white streaked across the horizon. Just the kind of day I like. I'm off today. John's working. But... just because I'm off doesn't mean I have the house to myself. Far from it. The roomies are off today, too. And we have a friend couch surfing here for a few days. I am, however, taking time for me!

I promised pictures yesterday. I have pictures.

I came in to work one day and noticed a lot of new sock yarn in the sock yarn unit. Did anyone really expect me to resist? I mean, come on. It's like putting cookies on the counter and expecting your kids not to touch them. Ain't gonna happen. I bought three balls.

It's all Trekking XXL. The colours I chose are (from left to right) #166 (blues), #108, and #155 (socks for John). As you can see, the last colour, 155, is being used already. I've decided to knit John some more socks. He says he doesn't need socks right now. I said you can't have too many handknit socks.

I had no idea how this yarn would knit up, whether it would be a jacquard pattern or stripes or what. This isn't what I expected. It reminds me of a forest walk along a creek, with sunlight dappling the scene. I love the colours in the yarn (which is why I bought it, obviously) and I love the way it's knitting up.

Yesterday, I wrote about the second faroese shawlette I'm knitting up to get an approximate yardage for the camel shawlette. Here's a picture of the second shawlette. The yarn is Prism by Zitron, a mohair and nylon blend. I must admit that mohair isn't my favorite yarn to knit with, but I do like the colours in this yarn and I like the way it's working up so far. The yarn is downstairs and I'm upstairs, so don't make me run downstairs to get the colour number, ok? I'll post that next time.

It will, I think, be a cozy shawl that will reside on the sofa in the living room, with the other 2 or 3 shawls down there. I think I've mentioned that this house can get pretty cold in the winter. Something to wrap around yourself is always a nice treat... and I don't do afghans.

It isn't often that I send you off to another blog, but I've been reading Eunny Jang's blog off and on now for a while. That woman is a true inspiration! Her designs are beautiful and she writes about them very well, from inception to completion. Whenever I see one of her completed designs, I'm inspired all over again. Check out her blog at See Eunny Knit

Now, I'm going downstairs to find my note book and the chart for the edging of the camel shawl and I'm coming back up here to finish writing up the pattern for the camel shawlette. I hope you all enjoy your day as much as I intend to enjoy mine.


  1. ohhhh all that lovey yarn...;o)

  2. Thanks for the Shawlette pattern.
    I love all of the colors of Trekking you bought. The one you are currently knitting is gorgeous.

  3. beautiful yarn and thank you for the pattern,keeping you both in my prayers GB