Wednesday, August 16, 2006

And now for something completely different

First, though, there's not a lot happening on the knitting front. I've been trying to cast on something totally mindless, but it just hasn't been cooperating, for some reason. Perhaps it just wasn't mindless enough? I have some gorgeous Fleece Artist Kid Merino Sock yarn in shades of blues and greens that I wanted to turn into a wrap of some kind. First, I thought I'd do a take off on the Midwest Moonlight scarf (based on Barbara Walker's Tilting Blocks stitch pattern), but I was making mistakes continuously. Obviously, the yarn didn't want to be done up in that pattern. Then I tried the Crest of the Wave stitch pattern, a variation of the feather & fan stitch. Again, simple pattern, but I was making mistakes all over the place. I'd fix the error, work the next pattern row and again end up with extra stitches or too few stitches. I frogged it and put the yarn aside for now. When it decides what it really wants to be, I'll be ready for it.

Because it's been a long weekend of celebration and way too much wine, I didn't pick up the needles very much. My sister and I had a lovely lunch at Cedar Creek Winery on Monday and that evening, John and one of the roomies cooked a lovely roast beef dinner, complete with yorkshire pudding. The roomie even cracked a bottle of Mission Hill Occulus, a beautiful red wine that retails for about $45.00 Cdn, if I'm not mistaken. It truly topped of the night. All in all, I had a great **nd birthday.

Now, for the something completely different. This little creature was motionless on the lower deck one afternoon. John and I both saw it and assumed it was dead. After all, it was the middle of the afternoon and it was motionless. Then, I saw it move. John got close to it and realized it was, indeed, alive. We left it alone, but watched it from the upper deck. Eventually, it climed up the post and rested on the platform at the top. About an hour later, it was gone. If you're freaked out by bats, don't go any further.

And that's all for today.

Edited to reduce the size of the pictures


  1. Cute little fella (in the daytime, at least!)

  2. Was it injured? It shouldn't be out in the day at all. Poor thing. Nice to hear you had a good weekend!