Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Finally, Another FO

It feels like it's been forever since I've finished something. I know, that in reality, it's only been a week or so since I finished the two hats, but it still feels like forever.

The camel shawlette in the faroese style is finished. It's drying in my dining room as I type. Oh, you want to see?

The shiny lines? Those are welding "tig" rods I borrowed from one of the roomies. He's a welder. He has these things. He's getting me some full length ones. The ones I used today are half size. He cut them in half to get them home from the shop. They work very well!

I know my blocking job isn't perfect; I didn't really want it to be on this shawl. The yarn is very rustic; I wanted it to look somewhat rustic. Incidentally, see that bit of yarn over in the top right hand corner? Here's a closer view...

I'm not sure exactly what happened there, whether it was a dropped stitch or the yarn broke, but when I pinned it out, there was a hole. I tried not to aggravate it. With a crochet hook, I picked up any loops I could find and sort of repaired it. When the shawl's dry, I'll weave in the ends as best I can.

The pattern is not available yet, but I will be writing it out another day. Not to worry, I made notes. I do that now.

Now, for my observations and thoughts. Would I knit with this yarn again? Perhaps. Both John and I like the rustic look of the yarn when it's knit up. Both of us like the colour variations in the yarn; quite dramatic in this particular skein, wouldn't you agree? I like the fact that a portion of the yarn sales go to support the women who make the yarn.

I must admit some disappointment, though, in the softness (or lack thereof) of the yarn. The camel down itself is extremely soft and light. There are, however, a LOT of long, coarse hairs spun in with the down, giving it a roughness that I'll probably only be able to bear wearing over a turtleneck top or, at the least, a long sleeved top.
I'm thinking I'd like to try this pattern again with a nice alpaca handspun, perhaps. Something soft and yummy, you know?

Now, on to the next UFO.

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