Sunday, October 30, 2005

Mosaic Socks... a review

The pattern, as posted in the Six Socks Knitalong group, is an interesting one. It caught me by surprise, actually. I was merrily knitting the leg part of the sock. After the mosaic knitting, you knit one round in your main colour, changing needles back to the smaller size. Then you go immediately into the heel. It's a modified strong heel. I read it over, sort of, then started knitting.

The usual heel is worked on half the stitches. The heel flap is worked on two needles, then you turn the heel, pick up gusset stitches and work around. On the modified strong heel, the heel flap and gusset is knitted along with the instep stitches until you reach a total of 60 stitches on the heel needles (32 instep, 60 heel), then the heel is turned. On a standard sock heel, the heel turning is perhaps 12 rows? On this sock the heel turning is much longer and follows the heel shape of the foot more closely.

I'm not sure if that's all comprehensible, but it works.

Once I finished the first sock, I was a little concerned about the depth of the heel (it's shorter than my standard heel flap) and the length of the sock (it looks really long... even Carol noticed that). However, once I tried the sock on, it fit perfectly fine. The second sock is well on it's way (I'm about halfway through working the heel) and I'll post a picture or two of the socks when it's done. No SSS this time... phew!

I may even use this heel again sometime.

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