Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Casting on... again

Ok, I'm getting a little frustrated with the Faraoese shawl now. After having cast on for Cheryl Oberle's Litla Dimun shawl a couple of times, then frogging it for good (see the comment about little old Italian grandmothers in my last post), I've cast on for the Faraoese shawl out of "A Gathering of Lace". I've also frogged it.

One of the diamonds along the bottom edge wasn't diamond shaped. I didn't notice it until 3 rows (of 400+ stitches per row) later. I tried to correct the error, but it didn't work. I frogged it. I have not yet re-casted on. I will, though. I will not let this pattern get the best of me. Or, I'll do Evelyn A. Clark's Pacific Northwest shawl. Decisions, decisions. Perhaps it's just that the yarn I chose for the faroese shawl doesn't want to be a faroese shawl. That's happened before.

Now, what to do with the rest of my day? John's away for a couple of days and I have the day off.

I'll give it one more try. Just one more. If it still doesn't work, I'm doing the Pacific Northwest shaw. After all, I have the pattern, I have the yarn, I have the needles... what more do I need?

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