Saturday, October 08, 2005

Work in Progress

So, I bought yarn in Vancouver, made the skeins into center pull balls, cast on for a scarf and decided the pattern was all wrong for the yarn, frogged it, bought more yarn and cast on for the scarf and it's working just great!

I'll post pictures of the 'other' yarn another day (not much time today, unfortunately). In the meantime, here's the scarf in progress. I'm calling it the Dewdrop scarf, as the pattern stitch is the dewdrop stitch from the first Barbara Walker treasury (have I mentioned that I LOVE her books; I have 3 of them now).

The yarn I'm using is a combination of the Luxury Collection's Alpaca Cashmere and a strand of Crystal Palace's Kid Merino held together. It's very light, very soft and very cozy. And, did you notice the needles? I spoiled myself and bought a pair of Lantern Moon knitting needles. Talk about indulgence! They are a real pleasure to knit with... and they're beautiful, too. Who knew knitting needles could be a thing of beauty?

By the way, I will post the pattern for the scarf once I have it done. I've already decided it can be worked in just about any solid coloured yarn that's not too dark. It's a simple 8 row pattern that's easy to memorize and fairly easy to 'read'. I think any advanced beginner could work this pattern without difficulty.

Till the next post, Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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  1. Yes, Gramma', Happy Thanksgiving to you and John. You Canadians are so smart to make Thanksgiving near the end of the harvest. But then you're also smart enough to have National Health Care, a form of government where you can throw the bastards out with a quick no confidence vote and a quick campaign round that doesn't last for 2 years, and you allow people to vacation in Cuba and bring home cigars. Damn what a civilized country you have! Can you tell I'm jealous? LOL

    Happy holiday!