Friday, August 06, 2010

The Saga Continues

After yesterday’s post about the Lilac Leaf Scarf, I set about to fix my mistake. The first task was to pick up stitches where I knew there were no mistakes; in this case, the garter stitch transition, 5 rows of nothing but knit stitches. The best tool for the job was a 2.0 mm Addi circular needle which I carefully picked up the right leg of each stitch, trying to stay on a single row. I think I was cross-eyed by the time I had that accomplished.


Once all the stitches had been picked up, I unravelled the yarn until I got to the live stitches, all safely held on the circular needle. After that, it was a breeze to get them back on to the right needles, with a few minor fixes to stitches that had been missed or dropped… no biggie.


After that, it was just a matter of reknitting that section, which only took an hour or so. The picture below shows both completed sections, ready for grafting. I wasn’t about to tackle that until I had good light and a cleared off table.


Once the grafting and blocking’s been done, I’ll post pictures of the completed shawl. It should be finished today so, hopefully, I can show you pictures tomorrow.

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