Thursday, August 05, 2010

Oh Dear!

I’m home again today; it’s a combination of not feeling well (nothing major… a bit of a bug or feeling the heat) and not much happening at work. Because of that, I decided to graft the Lilac Leaf shawl from Nancy Bush’s book, “Knitted Lace of Estonia”. You may recall that this was the “moving” project, started shortly before we moved. The knitting was finished shortly after we moved in, but the two pieces hadn’t yet been grafted together.

As I was laying the two pieces out to graft them, I noticed something.

the right wayThis is a detail of the beginning edge of the scarf/shawl. See all those lovely knit stitches? Now, have a look at the other end, the end that I’m supposed to graft to the opposite edging.

uhohCan you see what I did? Obviously, I wasn’t paying attention and should have had one more (or less) knit row in the transition between the leaf section and the diamond/nupp section.  That final section is backwards. That means, I’ll have to re-knit that section, which means frogging it back to the garter stitch rows. And that means that this project is not finished yet. *sigh*

Even experienced knitters make stupid mistakes.

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  1. Frustrating, eh! I'm having terrible trouble with blogger comments this week, trying again with a different ID.....