Sunday, August 08, 2010

Back to Lace

Not too long ago, if you recall, I cast on for the Haruni shawl (pattern available through Ravelry) using some 100% silk yarn that had been in my stash for a number of years. You may also recall that I dropped a stitch and couldn’t retrieve it, so it was frogged. I did cast on for it immediately and managed to finish one repeat of the pattern before putting it aside.

Yesterday, it was taken out of “time-out” and I’ve managed to finish three repeats. Already the pattern, an 8-row repeat, is becoming familiar, comfortable. It’s a little early for a lifeline but I think that after 10 repeats, inserting a lifeline would be a wise thing to do.


To refresh your memory, the yarn is Handmaiden Fine Yarn’s Silk Floss, 100% silk, hand dyed in the Moss Garden colourway.  The pattern is Haruni, by Emily Ross, a free Ravelry download and I’m using a 2.5 mm circular Addi Lace needle.

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