Monday, August 02, 2010

Don’t Take No Wooden Nickels

Many, many years ago, when I was the same age my granddaughter is right now (6), my family lived in Manitoba. Transcona, to be precise. In 1961, Transcona had been in existence for 50 years and was finally incorporated into a city.

There was a big celebration that included a parade down the main streets of the town. I remember it being a pretty big deal. Two of the local businesses decided on a clever marketing ploy to celebrate and, of course, to drive business their way.

Wooden Nickel_no text

This “coin”, a wooden nickel, was in my mother’s button box for many years; a few years ago, while she was cleaning up and de-cluttering, she gave it to me and it has been in my button box since then.

The City of Transcona no longer exists as a city; it became part of the Greater Winnipeg area about 12 years after we left. The Dairy Queen and the Bull Ring Drive-In (now called the Whistle Pig) still exist at the same spot (I know that thanks to Google Maps street view; it still looks just the way I remember it and we left there in 1966).


I wonder if I can still get the 5 cents off.


  1. I think it would be so fun to try to get the 5 cents off. There isn't a valid until date on it, is there? Though do they still sell anything for 35 cents?

  2. It would be fun, but Winnipeg is a long ways away from where I am now. It's not likely I'll ever visit there again.

  3. That's one of my dad's favourite expressions!

  4. I am the proud owner of this Dairy Queen, and yes I would except this token if you asked for me. Doug W. Brown