Sunday, June 20, 2010

Welcome to Our Home

I promised my daughter that I would take, and post, some pictures of our new suite. As promised, here's a glimpse into our new home. As you can see, it's still not quite set up completely (the lamp is no longer on the couch; it now lives on an end table) and we've moved a few things around since the pictures were taken.

The first two pictures are of our living room; the sliding door looks out onto a small yard that has three pine trees (former Christmas trees, apparently). It also faces the street, but because of the trees, it's very private.

In the empty space to the left of the desk, we now have our glass curio case, so it doesn't look quite as bare now. The white bi-fold doors on the right hide the hot water heaters for our suite and the upstairs suite. The cabinet doors have the electrical panels for the two suites.

The kitchen, as seen from the entrance to the living room. It overlooks the back yard. As you can see, we still had a few boxes to unpack when the pictures were taken. Those boxes have been unpacked and dealt with. In this picture, the bi-fold doors hide the laundry area.

This next picture was taken in the kitchen, standing at the kitchen sink. The open doorway (behind the television, which was only there temporarily) is our bedroom. To the right of that bedroom is the second, smaller bedroom which is currently being used for storage, library and stash room. The desk/cabinet is where the laptop computer lives and immediately behind that wall is the bathroom.
To the left, behind the chair are two closets, the one on the right being more of a pantry. We've turned one of the smaller closets into a recipe book cabinet and the other closet is being used for storage for Christmas decorations and such.
This picture shows the front of the house, the sliding door at the front being our front window. John's been doing a lot of puttering out there and has it looking pretty good. When I took this picture yesterday, we was puttering in the back. Afterwards, he tidied up this area even more. It's looking pretty good now, I must say.
All in all, I think we'll be happy here. It's a nice, bright suite and we're well on the way to making it feel like home. Both of us have a lot more energy, we've noticed. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that we can actually walk out the door and be outdoors. That just feels good!
Time for more puttering. I have no intention of doing anything that's going to hurt my thumb (which is still quite tender but not as sore as it has been) but there are some little things I want to accomplish today.

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  1. Your new home is very lovely. I hope you will be very comfortable and happy there, for a long time.

    I am so very sorry to read of your "sick" thumb. I can understand just how frustrating that must be. I do hope it heals quickly and well.

    Good wishes on the thyroid biopsy too.

    Take care. :)